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"Optimum nutrition
is the medicine
of tomorrow"

Start with us.

Personal Nutrition plan 

Each nutrition plan is personally created by our nutrition coach. This allows you to receive a nutrition plan that is not only tailor-made for you but also easy to stick with. 


How it works: 


1. Online form to assess your goals, preferences and current fitness.  


2. Videocall with our nutrition coach to discuss and go through your plan including

- A day-by-day meal plan based on your needs 

- Recommendations on calories and portions 

- Supplement list in case you would like to use supplements 

- Macronutrients and all other important details 

- Tips & advice, a section with a word of experience to help you reach your goal  


3. Online meetings after 4 and 8 weeks to evaluate progress and make changes to your nutrition plan if necessary

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